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Advanced Dry Eye Therapy naturally

Dr Michael Lange of The Lange Eye Institute has researched and developed the latest nutritional Dry eye stack .  He has taken years of nutritional expertise in dealing with dry eye patients and combined all into one box Called Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy. Dr Michael Lange always approaches dry eye naturally before prescribing medications or offering procedures .  He states if patients will follow the appropriate nutritional protocol and follow a few simple steps that a large percentage of dry eye patients will by symptom free.  Dr Lange has combined omega 3 fish oil, lutein, zeaxanthin, astaxanthin and black currant seed oil together to create Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye Therapy .  All doctors should recommend this to their patients suffering with dry eyes. Learn more at Www.fortifeye.comD747C80B-3ED0-4E01-B1FC-4065BDD65EA3.png