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Gamer Vitamins may give a competitive edge, reduce eye strain, support neurocognition and protect the macula. Fortifeye Gamer Xtreme is born.

here is the latest in gaming nutrition. An all-new doctor developed and researched vitamin for gamers. FOrtifeye Gamer Xtreme is for gamers and anyone on a digital screen for prolonged periods of time. Dry eye and eye fatigue is one of the number one symptoms gamers exhibit while gaming. This is the next generation in nutritional supplements for gamers and computer users.

Dr. Michael Lange Optometrist talks Nutrition

Dr Michael Lange has been an optometric physicians and certified nutrition specialist at the Lange Eye Institute in the Villages Florida since the early 90s. He has seen what prolonged use of computers, tablets and smart phones can do to the visual system. A syndrome called computer vision syndrome is very vogue in eye doctors’ offices these days since so many people are in front of digital screens for prolonged periods of time. The symptoms for this form of digital eye strain are eyes that feel sandy, gritty, burn, tear, itch, fluctuation in vision, eye fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain, brain fog, memory loss and much more. Dr Lange and the Fortifeye Vitamin team have studied nutritional approaches to help with CVS (computer vision syndrome). They have done extensive studies with different formulations of nutrients to come up with the current line of supplements they recommend…

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